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Mother and daughter
Wales, 1988
Martin Parr

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1. Do you ever lay awake at night and just feel the nausea of your existence and it’s finite nature? If so, do you sleep at all that night?

Woah. But yes, and then I force myself to sleep afterwards. I can’t afford to do that often because it results in terrible panic attacks. Also, I think about death everyday, so..

2. Would you rather be a Kryptonian on Earth (like Superman) without any knowledge of your powers and struggle to get somewhere in life, or be Asgardian royalty with poor mediocre skill level?

I guess a Kryptonian..? I’m familiar with Superman, but I had to look up what an Asgardian is (I still don’t fully get it). I think it would be a sort of consolation to find out in the end that you made it even though you could have had it easier. Or not. Depends on what mood you’re in.

3. Do you smoke?

Uhm, not really. But I have an electronic cigarette that I pull out a lot, especially recently. But I want to kick that too. I wouldn’t call myself a smoker, I can go a long time without a cigarette.

4. What are your thoughts on cheese?

Cheese makes food better. :)

5. Do you have a favorite member of Monty Python? If so, why?

I love all of them a LOT. But Graham Chapman is the one I have infinite affection for. The man was very wise and incredibly reckless. And of course a comedic genius. A Liar’s Autobiography is one of my favorite books. He was a loony, alright.

6. Do you like Spicy Foods?


7. Would you call yourself a “picky eater”?

No, but I don’t like mushrooms, so I avoid them or not eat something once I find out they are in a dish. Were you eating while coming up with the questions? :)

8. What’s something that is absolutely important for you to have in any kind of relationship?

Honesty. Just honesty. You’re not going to get anywhere if you or them are not honest about your feelings and intentions.

9. What’s a name you like?

I like the name Arjen. And Charlotte.

10. If you could paint me a picture of a perfect day for you, what would it look like? (Be creative)

The perfect days I’ve had so far were spontaneous. But I guess it would take place in NY, in a sunny, breezy day with a good friend or lover, and just stroll place to place. But a nice cafe or eatery or restaurant has to be involved. And conversations of various topics.

11. What’s something you think about me?

I wonder what YOU think about me. :)

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Wayne County photographed by Bob Gruen, 1974